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WILBOR will no longer be adding eBooks from Harper Collins

Harper Collins is choosing to restrict checkouts of their eBooks purchased by libraries.

Beginning February 24, Overdrive (the service behind WILBOR) announced that publisher Harper Collins was changing the terms of service for Harper Collins eBooks purchased by libraries. Each HC eBook purchased by WILBOR after March 7, 2011, would be limited to 26 total checkouts. Harper Collins proposed this limit as an equivalent to the life of a physical book, which many libraries feel to be a grossly inaccurate comparison. Many paper books check out dozens of times and need only minimal repairs to keep them going.

What Physical Books Look Like after 26+ Checkouts
(YouTube video from Pioneer Library, Oklahoma)

Once a newer Harper Collins eBook reached 26 checkouts in WILBOR, the eBook would become "locked." It would still show up in searches, but patrons would not be able to check it out until WILBOR paid to make it available again - in effect, we'll be paying multiple times for the same copy of a book. Another factor to consider is that WILBOR is a service shared by dozens of libraries, and the 26-checkout limit is met by all the libraries together, not 26 per library.

Sioux Center Public Library belongs to the WILBOR consortium of libraries offering digital book downloads. As a group, the consortium has decided not to add any new Harper Collins eBooks to the WILBOR collection as long as Harper Collins insists on these limitations.

The Pioneer Library in Oklahoma has a thorough overview of the Harper Collins issue, and provides several links for contacting Harper Collins and authors represented by Harper Collins:

"Open Letter to HarperCollins and Readers of Ebooks"

The restrictions do not apply to digital audiobooks, and WILBOR will continue to add new digital audiobooks from Harper Collins to our online collection.

Please contact us if you have questions or comments about the Harper Collins eBook issue: