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Book Reviews & Best Sellers

Links to book review websites and lists of best sellers.
All Readers
A collection of book reviews done by readers, not professional reviewers.
Book Browse
BookBrowse recommends only the most exceptional current books, the kind you can't wait to tell friends about, and provides you with multiple reviews and hefty excerpts of each, plus in-depth author interviews, hundreds of reading guides and much else.
The online version of the book review magazine.
Kirkus Reviews
Recent reviews from the Kirkus Reviews website.
Library Journal Reviews
Reviews of new fiction titles, from Library Journal. Click their Reviews tab to find material on other types of books.
LitLovers offers recommendations in 3 different styles: A Lighter Touch, Wonderfully Written, and Great Works.
New York Times' Best Sellers Lists
Weekly lists of best-selling fiction, non-fiction, and children's books, from the New York Times.
A web site for ravenous readers. Overbooked specializes in providing timely information about literary & genre fiction as well as readable nonfiction.
Recommended Reading Lists
From the American Library Assocation: comprehensive lists of recommended books for children, young adults, and adults, on a variety of subjects.
USA Today's Best-Selling Books Database
Updated weekly, with the most recent, top 150 best selling books.
Meet your next favorite book! Get suggestions based on other titles you like or see what your friends are reading!
NoveList Plus
Looking for your next great book? Novelist is an online readers' resource that helps you uncover your next great read. Find author or title read-alikes for both fiction and nonfiction books!