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Patchwork Nation: Sioux Center featured as 1 of 11 representative communities in the U.S.

The Patchwork Nation site is "based on evidence that people’s voting patterns are at least partly informed by where they live." Read more about which type of voting community is represented by Sioux Center, Iowa.

About the Patchwork Nation project:

Tractor CountryPatchwork Nation is a project funded by the Knight Foundation and sponsored by Christian Science Monitor.  From the Patchwork Nation About page: "We've identified 11 types of places across the US, which are distinct voter communities... We've also pinpointed specific communities that represent each type of place.  For example, Sioux Center, Iowa, typifies 'Tractor Country.'"

On the Tractor Country page, Sioux Center is highlighted as the representative community, with residents Donald King and Nick Lantinga appearing as featured bloggers.

See also: Sioux Center: An Abiding Faith and Focus on Farming.

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