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Bulletin Board, Poster, Petition and Materials Distribution Policy

Approved 5/2014

Bulletin Board, Poster, Petition and Materials Distribution Policy


A portion of the bulletin boards in the main lobby is reserved for items of general community interest.  The bulletin board space is provided in order to display information that meets the educational, professional and recreational needs of the community.  This space is intended primarily for notices of upcoming meetings and events that are open to the public.  All items for the bulletin board are left with library staff at the circulation desk.  Only items meeting the following guidelines will be posted.  Any unauthorized items found on the bulletin boards will be removed and discarded.


1.  Priority for bulletin board space is given to notices of specific upcoming events.  Preferably, flyers or posters are not to be larger than 8.5 x 11.  Larger items will only be posted if space is readily available.

2.  Information about services and events that are available on a continuing basis may be posted if space permits.  These notices will be dated when posted and removed after a maximum of two months.

3.  Commercial notices will only be accepted if space allows.  This includes items for sale or services for sale.

4. Campaign literature may be placed on bulletin boards and in literature racks in the library lobby depending on space available.  Religious and political materials are permissible for informational purposes or special events; materials that have the primary effect to proselytize for a single point of view will not be displayed.

5.  The library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints, beliefs, or activities of any organization or event that is publicized on the community bulletin board.

6.  Materials left for posting or distribution without authorization from the library will be discarded.

7.  The library assumes no responsibility for the preservation or protection of materials posted or distributed.  Materials will not be returned.


Flyers and Brochures

There are literature racks in the library lobby for multiple copies of flyers and brochures of general education or cultural interest to the community.  Commercial advertisements are not to be placed in these racks.  The library reserves the right to remove materials from these racks to insure space for others, to keep materials current, and to eliminate items of a commercial or other inappropriate nature.  Political campaign literature is permitted during the period prior to an election.


Approved 5/2014