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Donation and Gift Policy

Details on the types of materials the library can accept as donations, and what the library will do with donated materials and other gifts. Re-approved 10/2014

 The library receives thousands of donations of print and non-print materials each year. Donated items that fill a need in the collection are added. However, most go directly to the book sale. We have learned from long experience what sells and what doesn’t. We have to be selective because of storage limitations and the labor involved in sorting so many items.

We are happy to provide written acknowledgment for all gifts, but we lack the expertise to appraise the value. 


Book Donations

  • Donations will be subject to the library's collection policy.  An item that is not added may be donated to another institution, or it may be sold to generate funds for Sioux Center Public Library services and programs.
  • Donations accepted:
    • Books in good condition (The library accepts books published in the last 5 years in good to excellent condition. That means the hardback books should have covers, no underlining and not be musty or dirty.)
    • Media materials (DVD, CD, books on cd) in good condition
  • The library cannot use the following materials:  textbooks, magazines, books on tape, encyclopedias, Reader's Digest condensed  books, vinyl records, damaged or moldy materials, and materials with highlighting or handwriting (except author-signed books).
  • Many library users wish to make donations in the form of memorial books, and these donations are subject to the Collections Policy.
  • Patrons wishing to donate items should contact the library before dropping them off to make sure the library currently has space to store the donation.  The library asks that the donated items be delivered in small boxes or bags that can be easily lifted and carried.  Please do not place donated materials in the book return box.


Other Donations

Other kinds of donations are also appreciated.  Potential donors should call the Library Director to find out if the donation would be acceptable.

Books and other materials will be accepted on the condition that the library director has the authority to make whatever disposition is deemed advisable in accordance with the criteria applied in the selection policy.

Gifts of money, real property, and/or stock will be accepted if conditions attached are acceptable to the board.  Each gift will be considered on its individual merit.

Personal property, art objects, portraits, antiques and other museum objects will be accepted when considered to be a desirable addition to the library.

Funds shall be allowed to accumulate in trust and agency accounts for major purchases authorized by the Library Board of Trustees.

The library will not accept for deposit materials which are not outright gifts, unless a special contract for maintenance and use in the library is entered into between the library and the party retaining control of the material.


Adopted July 2012
Revised October 2013
Revised October 2014

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