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Unattended Children Policy


The Sioux Center Public Library welcomes the use of its facility by children of all ages. Our services and programs are offered to make the library enticing to children, to encourage them to visit the library and to develop a love for books, reading and libraries.

The Board of Trustees asserts that it is the parents’ responsibility to provide childcare; the library must not be used for this purpose. The Sioux Center Public Library does not assume responsibility for children in the library. For the protection, safety and well-being of the children in our community, the Sioux Center Public Library abides by the following policy:

• Children age 8 and younger must be accompanied by a parent/guardian/caretaker (11 years of age or older) at all times.
• A child may attend a program in the program room by him/herself, however, the caregiver must be ready to meet the child when the program is ended.
• Staff does not monitor the arrival or departure of any child from a program or the building.
• Children 9 and older may be left unattended, provided they are mature enough to follow library rules and observe proper conduct. These children are subject to the same rules of behavior as other patrons, and with the same consequences including being asked to leave the library if they are disruptive. In such cases, parents will be contacted. If a parent is not available, the police will be contacted.


• When library staff observes unattended children on library premises 15 minutes before closing the staff may inquire if arrangements have been made with a parent or caregiver.
• If a caregiver has not arrived at closing, local law enforcement will be called.
• Staff will not transport children.



• Remain with the child and find the parent or guardian if the parent is in the building.
• If the parent is not in the building, staff will attempt to contact parent and request that the child be picked up.
• If a parent or guardian can’t be contacted or doesn’t arrive within 30 minutes, the staff member will notify the police.
• Under no circumstances should the staff transport a child to another location or take the child from the building.

Adopted 11/2013 by the Library Board