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Mango Languages - Online Language Learning System

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Get talking with Mango!

Mango is an online language learning system teaching practical conversation skills for a wide variety of popular languages. With everyday dialog from native speakers, engaging interactive lessons, and a unique intuitive teaching style, Mango increases your ability to use, adapt, and build on what you learn. In no time at all, you'll be able to navigate all sorts of everyday situations - get directions, order a meal, make new friends - the possibilities are endless!

  • Mango increases comprehension, retention, and usability of practical conversation skills.
  • Mango is accessible wherever you get online - at home, at a cafe, etc.
  • Mango is offered free through the Sioux Center Public Library.

To begin, click on the banner above and enter your 14-digit card number from Sioux Center Public Library.

Instrucciones en Español  

ESL for the following languages  [ Instrucciones en Español ]


  • الإنجليزية للمتحدثين بالعربية (Arabic)
  • 教粵語人士講英文
    (Chinese - Cantonese)
  • 针对中国人(母语为普通话)的英语学习
    (Chinese - Mandarin)
  • Anglais pour Francophones
  • Englisch für Deutschsprachige
  • Αγγλικα Για Έλληνες (Greek)
  • Inglese per Italiani
  • 日本人のための英会話
  • 한국인을 위한 영어
  • Angielski Dla Polaków
  • Inglês para Brasileiros
  • Английский Для Русскоговорящих
  • Inglés Para Hablantes De Español

    Instrucciones en Español

    Türkçe Konuşanlar için İngilizce
  • Tiếng Anh Cho Người Việt Nam


Foreign languages available

  • Arabic (Levantine)
  • Chinese (Cantonese)
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dari
  • Dutch
  • Farsi (Persian)
  • Finnish
  • French
  • French (Canadian)
  • German
  • Greek
  • Greek (Ancient)
  • Greek (Koine)
  • Haitian Creole
  • Hawaiian
  • Hebrew
  • Biblical Hebrew
  • Hindi
  • Icelandic
  • Indonesian
  • Irish
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Latin
  • Norwegian
  • Pashto
  • Pirate
  • Polis
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Spanish (Latin America)
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Swedish
  • Tagalog
  • Tamil
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian
  • Urdu
  • Vietnamese

Language learning through films

  • Chinese Mandarin

Kung Fu Dunk

Ocean Heaven

Little Big Soldier

  • Japanese

Happy Negative Chainsaw Edge

  • Ingles para hablantes de español
  • ESL for Spanish speakers

I'll Believe You

The Diary of Anne Frank

  • Spanish

The Colors of the Mountain

The Window


  • French

La Moustache

Around a Small Mountain

  • German





  • Italian

Corpo Celeste

Days and Clouds

*Films as of 2/18/14

More may be added.