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Your Library Card

Who can get a library card, how to apply, and how to use your library card.

Borrower Eligibility

The Sioux Center Public Library Board of Trustees subscribes to a full Open Access Policy.  Any person upon presentation of proper identification, regardless of place of residence, is eligible for a library card.  Library use privileges may be revoked for continued violation of rules and regulations.

You can apply for a card by filling out a registration form at the library.  To protect patron privacy, we do require proof of name and current address, and a photo ID.

Registration & Responsibilities

All library patrons [Adult, Child, and/or Agency] are required to fill out and sign a patron registration card.  Such signature indicates that:

"I understand that by signing to validate my library card to [date] that I  am responsible for:

  • Presenting this card when checking out material.
  • All materials borrowed with this card.
  • Choices of material borrowed with this card.
  • Not lending this card to others.
  • Payment of all fines & for lost or damaged materials borrowed on this card.
  • Notification of loss of card or change of address.

Signature of Patron
Signature of Parent/Guardian [for minor child]

The first library card is free and there is a $2.00 charge for all additional replacements.
There will be no charge for replacement of a damaged card if the patron can produce the remnants of the damaged card and the librarian on duty at circulation determines that it was the fault of the card and not the patron.

Loan Periods

Circulating Items
Books on Tape
Books on CD
Music CDs
Music Cassettes
2 weeks
DVD movies (no renewal)
VHS movies (no renewal)
Reference Books (circulating)
1 week
Art Prints 3 months

Non-Circulating Materials
Genealogy materials
Video games
use only

Materials may be renewed for the original loan period if they are not on reserve or marked No Renewal.  A longer loan period, if needed, can be arranged with a request to the librarian on duty at the circulation desk.  In the case of VHS/DVD items for education purposed, the librarian on duty can extend the loan period.


Books on Tape
Books on CD
Music CDs
Music Cassettes
$0.10/business day
Art prints
 $0.25/business day
VHS/DVD movies  $1.00/business day
  • Fines will not exceed one half the price of the material. 
  • Unpaid fines are in the computer, and notices will be sent quarterly.  Notices may be sent by mail or email.
  • Patrons with a total fine balance in excess of $5.00 will not be allowed to check out any material.


The library will conduct re-registration of patrons on the following basis:

  • Adults/Children: As needed to keep cards current.
  • Education:  Issued to teachers for use during School Term only. May be used for classroom material only. 
  • Dordt Students: At date of graduation will be changed to adult or be removed from the system.

    Confidentiality of Records

    The Sioux Center Public Library Board of Trustees affirms that all library circulation records, individual reference requests, and reading interests of patrons are confidential.  This information shall not be available to any agency of state, federal or local government except pursuant to legal process, with proper showing of good cause in a court of competent jurisdiction.

    Parents do not have access to records of what their child checks out.  Section 22.7 (13), Code of Iowa, provides that libraries may not reveal to a third party the titles of items another patron has borrowed.  This law includes materials borrowed by children and requests by their parents for this information.